Registro Becket (9416)
Scenic arts faculty price for the stage design.

Light and stage design: I. López
Direction: Gabriela Ponce
Costume: María Terán
Registro Beckett (9416) was a play based on several short texts written by Samuel Beckett. Beckett ́s cyclical dramaturgy compelled us to establish a particular dynamic where each individual piece would be showcased in the background throughout the whole play, serving as both complement and scenery to the piece that was currently in the foreground.
Furthermore, Beckett ́s dramaturgy, where light often becomes a decisive element in terms of space building, allowed us to imagine a universe governed by the comings and goings of light. The changes in luminance both hid and displayed the different universes where the characters remained absorbed in an almost existential pursuit. The stage design was conceived through the installation of several fluorescent tubes that were specifically positioned according to each universe.
Each character was trapped in a setting of either isolation or mutual incomprehension, and this was a common trope throughout all the pieces. This inspired a visual element that would allow us to spatially link all the universes: intertwined black elastic vines. These vines served as a metaphor for personal imprisonment and allowed us to further explore corporeal expression.
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