Esas Putas Asesinas
© Mitomana Scenic Arts 2015​​​​​​​

Stage and Object Design: I. López, M. Terán, M. Viteri
Light Design: I. López
Costume: M. Terán
Direction: G. Ponce
Production: P. Jijón 
Acting: M. Viteri, D. Frank, M. Ortiz
The play 'Esas Putas Asesinas' tells a story of a loving mismatch from a feminine voice. In the story, a man is a prisoner in a woman’s castle, whose essence rises in the duality princess/slut. The scenographic concept begins with the representation of this castle that is also a metaphor of the traumatized psyche of this woman in her double condition.

In that moment we found a house, a place that has been abandoned for years, but keeps the aura of a domestic life that for us was consistent with the atmosphere of the story and invited us to rethink the castle. The spaces spoke to us of a traditional domesticity; while the decoration transported us to Quito in the 70’s, into a crucial historical and political moment in Ecuador when the petroleum boom was giving birth to a new mid-class that was adapting foreign consumption patterns into the national idiosyncrasy.

The appropriation of the house demanded us a methodological exploration that took us to incorporate the 'mingas' ( an Andean indigenous form of collaboration), as a way of working that later led to a horizontal transdisciplinary investigation between various artists; and the re-utilization of the objects found in the house.

We assume the challenge that meant to work in an unconventional space, in a city that is starting to explore new theatrical possibilities. Rethink the relation with the spectator, turning him into an active element, that is capable of constructing his own story while he travels around the house with the actors. By the other hand, it opens the possibilities of architecture as a theatrical generator. ​​​​​​​
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