Dreamscape #1
Satelite installation for Your Country of Two Dimentions Is Not Spacious Enough, Limits of Perception Lab Exhibition at SAVVY
Berlin - 2020

Devised by: Shaly
Supported by: Matias Hafner, Ivana Franke Studio, Limits of Perseption Lab and the In-situ netwiork co-founded by the Creative Euro Program of the European Union.
Special Thanks for the help and support to, Matilde Bassetti, Emilio Cordero Cheka, Alice Wendt and Julie Bertin.
Photography by: Paula G. Vidal

Dreamscape is the product of a process of acceptance of passive states as modes of coping. The installation focuses on modes of experiencing space in states of non-action, and framing these situations as performative. 

Dreamscape #1 is an installation researching in non-awaken states. The installation works based on sensory stimulation, here a flat is staged as a place to tune down, isolate, and calibrate the sensory system in preparation for the sleepstate. The installation works for one person at the time, in which an audience member is invited to experience a sound and smell composition with the eyes closed. The flat is designed to guide the audience thorugh different smell stations before they lie down and close the eyes. With this the aim is to modulate the sensory perception and stimulate creation of phenomenal relations that might affect the sleepstate. 

Dreamscape #1 is a composition for closed eyes, is an offer of self space and an attempt to shape space in between the awaken and the sleep state.
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