(de)formation # 3: Building B at Nová Scéna Národní Divadlo
Prague - 2018, presented as part of PQ+ festival in 2019

Devised by: Israel Lopez, Thereza Schrezenmeir, Zuzana Šklivoba and Eva Rosemarjin

(De)formation 3 is a performative installation for four people at a time in which the audience is invited to experience different places in silence. The performance has no specific duration. Each person has the possibility of experience the place at their own rhythm and find their personal relation to it while deciding on their position as spectators. We searched for the thresholds of perception and from there we modulated the atmosphere of the place. With a subtle sound, light and smell composition our aim was to dis-stabilize the spectator and propose a shift on the experience of a place. Considering movement as change, a shift on the perception is a movement of space.
It’s a meditation on space.

It’s an exploration around places.

It’s a reflection on change and movement.

It’s a research on perception.

It’s a performance without a defined ending.
We opened a place to be seen as it is.

We proposed silence to listen to the acoustics of the place.

We used exciters to transduce sound into the architecture.

We deconstructed the smell of the place by adding extra scents.

We gave time to the audience to contemplate.

We displaced to provoke imagination.

We placed mirrors.

We colored light bulbs.

We dimmed the light.
There is a colored light bulb going up and down.

There is a vibrating bench, and a bed.

There are 4 sinusoidal oscillators resonating through the building.

There are 12 ventilators in wooden boxes.

There are 25 sentences spread around the place.

There is a blurry window.

There are 4 people walking in silence.

There is a different time inside the place.
It felt like a puzzle that is not to be solved. I enjoyed finding this little clues but I didn’t felt that I needed to start doing something to solve it. For me this was very similar to virtual experiences, just that this was not virtual, 
Jere Suontausta 
Audience member
I was fascinated by observation of people in a garden restaurant behind the glass wall of the building. The everyday movements and small actions of the people went well with the simplicity of the installation inside. It was a great show, I was fascinated. The whole installation was somehow a preparation to SEE the world outside. 
Jiří Adámek 
Audience member/Teacher at KALD DAMU
Space enables the outside, in and the here/elsewhere.   
Ivana Franke 
Audience member/intallation artist
(De)forming places:
We live in a situation where everything is moving. From the tectonic plates under us, our home, the buildings, their walls, our neighbors, everything exists in constant change and movement. Places, even the apparently still ones, are moving and this movement might not just involve the fact that time is passing, but also that space is changing. Space understood in the form of relations and considering the possibilities of perceiving a place; the event of existing within a site and the system that molds its experience. If everything is moving what does it mean to be here.
This installation was made as graduate project at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU in Prague.
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