(de)formation # 2: Národní Knihovna
Prague - 2018

Deformation 2 is a performative installation for one person, in which the audience is invited to experience different places alone and in silence. The installation has no specific duration, the audience has the freedom to decide when to take the next step. The only rule is to keep silence, or a silent mood, to turn off the phones and to be aware of the surroundings where always something small is happening.

The installation has three parts:
- A perspectival massage room.
- An aware walking; basically a silent walk to the national library in Klementinum. 
- Finally an observation phase in the general reading room in Klementinum's library.

The installation searches the possibilities for deformation of a place in an experiential level. The spectators are stimulated with a delicate vibration and smell composition, then they are asked to walk to the library in which they will experience another sound composition being played in the threshold between the audible and the silence.  
Please wear headphones
Smellscape used in the stimulation room. Thanks to TAAT collective for allowing me to experiment with this perfume samples created by Andreas Wilhelm for HALL06 installation in Zürich.
(De)forming places:
We live in a situation where everything is moving. From the tectonic plates under us, our home, the buildings, their walls, our neighbors, everything exists in constant change and movement. Places, even the apparently still ones, are moving and this movement might not just involve the fact that time is passing, but also that space is changing. Space understood in the form of relations and considering the possibilities of perceiving a place; the event of existing within a site and the system that molds its experience. If everything is moving what does it mean to be here.
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