(de)formation 1: Colloredo Mansfeld Palace
Prague - 2017

Israel López, Sebastian Drack, Svetlana Spirina

(De)forming is an ongoing exploration around places and their movement, understanding that a place is not just a geo-temporal location, but also the relational system between all the elements that exist in it. We search for perspective thresholds to modulate the spatiotemporal experience, using simple actions that can give a new form to a place.

In Colloredo Mansfeld Palace we used mirrors to shift the view of a baroque ballroom trying to unbalance the symmetry that the place proposed while questioning the importance of locating our view. The way that we see a place can mold the experience of it. 
(De)forming places:
We live in a situation where everything is moving. From the tectonic plates under us, our home, the buildings, their walls, our neighbors, everything exists in constant change and movement. Places, even the apparently still ones, are moving and this movement might not just involve the fact that time is passing, but also that space is changing. Space understood in the form of relations and considering the possibilities of perceiving a place; the event of existing within a site and the system that molds its experience. Yet if everything is moving what does it mean to be here.
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