Cenizas (Ashes)

Direction: Israel López
Dramaturgy: Gabriela Ponce
Sound and Light Design: Israel López
The research for this play was based on a series of writings by Rodrigo García and Heiner Muller. After collectively analyzing the texts, we were able to find several metaphors that resonated with the interests and questionings of each student. With that in mind, we conducted a careful theatrical research around the idea of cruelty in modern society.

The creation process started by doing visual research, after which several elements of the scenic space and the physical setting of the play were conceived. During the next stage, these visual collages were translated into physical and gestural actions. From the proposals regarding corporeal improvisation, three scenes were devised around food as a metaphor. In these scenes, fragments of each text were used, and even though the fragments were not necessarily related to the initial text, they all resonated with the concept through which the play was conceived.

The spatial dimension of the play was designed entirely by arranging the bodies of the people involved around the table that served as a setting for every scene. A brush (in many of its possible variations) was used as the common element that would allow for the formation of choral moments where each actor performed a specific sequence according to his or her element. The sound design completed the spatial composition by creating a mystic atmosphere of void and isolation.
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