Caida (Hemisferio 0)

© Mitomana Scenic Arts & Void Theater 2014​​​​

Dramaturgy: Gabriela Ponce
Direction and stage design: Leni Mendez
Costume and production: Mariana Pizarro
Acting: Josefina Viteri, David Frank, Johana Jara, Carolina Cedeño
Light design: Anatole Wasche
Sound: Ivis Flies
Stage and object construction: Israel López
The play ‘Caida’ (Zero Hemisphere) was a co-production of the groups ‘Mitomana Artes Escenicas’, ‘Mariandalab’ and ‘Void Theater’ (New York).
Conceptualized as a play/installation 'Caida' was staged in the Center of Contemporary Art of Quito. The work was written on the scene in dialogue with the actress and the plastic artist in charge of the installation. Retraining the trauma of a history of abandonment and dismay, the work revolved around issues related to female subjectivity and intimate violence that is exercised through family bonding. The text accounts for the difficulties of language and memory to tell a story, it does so through a dramatic and fragmented chaotic.
The stage was formed by nine old sewing machines each of them visually reflecting a form of the trauma in which the main character was living, all of them held together trapped in a gigantic web. Each sewing machine was delicately handcrafted creating an object that is able to narrate the role in the story by its own.

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