4:48 Psychosis 

Light and stage design: Israel López
Direction: Gabriela Ponce
Costume and object design: María Terán
4:48 psicosis was a play based on the free reading of a text composed by Sarah Kane, fragmented throughout seven female voices and three male ones. The stage was construed through the representation of a dining room where the aforementioned woman would unfold her persona into seven voices and serve her own body as her last supper.

As a scenic metaphor, a screen projecting a permanently flat line represented an electrocardiogram. In this context, the screen itself becomes a character or at least an extension of the bodies that live through the scene; bodies that, on occasion, appear on screen fragmented, bleary or diluted to convey the image of a being relinquishing its body, a metaphor for either madness or death.

A design consisted solely of a white setting and a large table that could be divided into three smaller ones. The simplicity of the table allowed us to add several scenic elements such as light sources, ropes, and rubber bands within the table itself. Finally, as a closing element, a feathered creature resting in a fetal position was created as a metaphor for the intimate being that was about to be served as the main course in the dinner. 
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